Player Profiles

Meet the players and how their team mates describe them.

Marc Herbert

Golden oldie of generation; Gentle Giant; Long Kick King;

Cian Gilligan

Solid back, pops up with the odd score; Strong and athletic defender; Team Craic is better than Craic; Gets lost in hotels;

Jimmy Hyland

Future star; Has it all; Can go as far in the game as he wants;

Kieran Brennan

Aerial Monster, Light Weight on the beer; Lord of the skies; Driving force of the team; Catches clouds for Martin king; Safe hands and feet;

Seamus Hannifan

Ballyteague's Galvin; Very tights trousers; Very Good talented player; The county Star, dummy sole expert;

Sean Downling

Bear in either square; Apparently played in Croke Park; The next Bomber Listen; Tightest man in the parish

Glen Thorpe

Skillful speed merchant; Possibly the next thorpedo; Never stops; Wing forward or member of 1 Direction?? Who knows;

Stephen Connolly

Knows what he's at; Always injured; The showboat. As accurate as the come; Free kick expert

Kevin Murphy

Referee's union rep; Road Runner; Joker of the team but Key member of the team; Biggest Joker, serious Engine;

Niall Moran

Always has the wise craic and hard shoulder; The Bull; Great leader of the team; Old school, puts his head where you wouldn't put a crowbar;

Gerry Melia

Too fit not fair; The runner; If Forrest Gump could solo the ball; Great running ability and potential

Gary Nugent

Spotless; The Paul Galvin of Ballyteague; Determined; Slick; Loves the sun beds;

Barry Mullins

Never panics; The Comeback king; Longest in the shower; Lunatic; Always complaining; Can actually kick a score;

Derrick Mooney

Can deliver the ball others dream of; Versatile performer; The Andrea Pirlo of Ballyteague, Pass master; Used to be good at football;

Jason Mooney

Too greedy; Good solid footballer; Not as good as Derrick; Costing the club a fortune in travel expenses from Dubai.

David Randles

Cool head, wise head in the making; Great potential and future key player; Underrated, wil he ever stop growing;

Gavin Smullen

Most tenacious forward I've ever seen; Ultimate Boodie man; Workhorse; Form is temporary, Class is permanent;

Sean Jacob

Mr Consistant; Does a job for the team; Swashbuckling wing back; MIA;

Cathal Hannifan

Cathal "hill of Allen" Hanafin, Mountain of a man; Injured again; Arms and legs of the team in the middle;

Brian McGrath

180; Phil taylor; Deadly accurate; Great accuracy infront of goal;

Pauric Murphy

Sharp turn supreme; Natural scorer with good dip of the shoulder; Fox in the box, speedster; Great teeth; Never passes;

Stephen Ennis

Fast, strong, nice car; Davy Greene wannabe; Speedy; A main scoring threat in the team; Sharp dressed man;

Mick Hanley

Fixes any crack we have; Very good trainer. Good all round defender; Some man to get sick;

Conor Donoghoe

Big fella with plenty of balling ability; Lanky; Explosive pace; Hard working with potential;

Donal Dempsey

Sweet left, determined to win always; Ginger; Is he a back or a forward?; Underestimated versatility;

Stephen Dunne

Captain insano shows no mercy; Wrecking ball; A stubborn defender; Leads by example with a knack for scoring; Elbows;

Tommy Coogan

Always retiring; Like a fine wine, gets better with age; Wise head in the backs;

Conor Mullaney

Doesn't drink enough - has a 6 pack; The fit lad; Terrier like in the corner; Mr fitness with great dedication; Most dedicated;

Barry Dempsey

Silky right foot; Accurate passer; Gives his all for the team; Great Passer; Not Ginger;